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Nr 56 (5/2018) 

The Problem of Africa's Dysfunctional States

Edited by Robert Kłosowicz


Spis treści:

» Robert Kłosowicz - The Problem of Bad Governance as a Determinant of State Dysfunctionality in Sub-Saharan Africa

» Wiesław Lizak - Libya – Road to Dysfunctionality

» Joanna Mormul - Portuguese Colonial Legacy in Luso-African States – a Factor Leading to State Dysfunctionality or Favorable to Development?

» Dominik Kopiński - A Successful Failed State after All? The Case of Angola

» Krzysztof Trzciński -Hybrid Power Sharing: On How to Stabilize the Political Situation in Multi-segmental Societies

» Hanna Rubinkowska-Anioł - Ethiopian Renaissance or How to Turn Dysfunctional into Functional

» Emilia Bamwenda - The Symptoms of the Shift towards an Authoritarian State in Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli’s rule

» Andrzej Polus, Wojciech Tycholiz - Gold, Gas and Lies: Extractive Sector in a Sub-Saharan Functional State. The Case of Natural Resource Sector in Tanzania

» Kateřina Rudnicová - African Solution to African Problems: AU and the Conflict Resolution in South Sudan

» Jakub Kościółek - The Use of R2P Mechanism by International Community in Cases of Serious Human Rights Infringements in Africa

» Katarzyna Wardin - Armed Conflicts in Fragile States and their Influence on Illegal Migrations and Refugees in the European Union in the 21st Century

» Joanna Garlińska-Bielawska, Małgorzata Janicka - Fragile States in African Economic Communities as Exemplified by the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) – Investment Issues

» Joanna Bar - East African Communities (1967-1978, 1999-) and their Activity for Political Stability of the Region

» Anna Cichecka - EAC – an Answer for Regional Problems or Failed Solutions in East Africa?