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Nr 63 (6/2019) 

Europe of Fatherlands?

Edited by Natasza Styczyńska


Table of contents:

» Natasza Styczyńska - Editor’s Preface

» Jerzy Menkes, Anna Kociołek-Pęksa - Heterogeneity, Compliance and Enforcement of Public International Law Remarks on Sanctions and Countermeasures

» Magdalena Góra - Allied Constructive Criticism? The EU and Crises In Its Immediate Neighbourhood from the American Perspective

» Marcin Kleinowski - Poland's Ability to Build Blocking Coalitions after Brexit

» Nataša Jovanović Ajzenhamer, Haris Dajč - The Serbian Socialist Party Attitudes towards the EU through the Lens of Party Programmes

» Isidora Jaric - The University And Its Role in the Process of European Integrations. The Dystopian Fairy Tale of Serbian University

» Małgorzata Kułakowska - EP Elections as a Tool for Migrant Political Participation

» Łukasz Perlikowski - How Does One Understand the Stability of Political Regimes from a Theoretical Point of View?

» Agata Kałabunowska - On The Role of Anti-globalist and Anti-European Attitudes in Extreme Right Ideology

» Ekaterina Vorobeva - Intersectionality and Policy-Making. Structural Barriers to Entrepreneurship for Black African Females in Finland

» German Carboni - European Virtual Politics Capitalizing on Immigration

» Ludovica Grossi - Much Ado about Nothing Turning The Global Compact into a Red Herring in Italy and Europe

» Olena Yermakova - Mythology of the Law and Justice Party’s Migration Discourse

» Valeria Zamorano - Survival Strategies of Nigerian Victims of Trafficking in Paris

» Joanna Orzechowska-Wacławska - Challenges to the Europe an Identity. The Rebirth of Nationalisms in Europe

» Jessica Sofizade - The “Debate” about Poland The Representation of Poland and the EU in the European Parliamentary Debate on 15/11/17

» Kevin Menagie - The Revival of Dutch Nationalist Narratives as a Threat to European Identity

» Jakub Jusko - Welfare, but Only for Us? Randomized Survey Experiment on Welfare Chauvinism Conducted on Students in Brno